Human resources (HR) management which integrated and sustainable can create superior and professional employees, thus contributing positively to the company performance achievement

To realize its vision as a leading company in the electric power sector in Southeast Asia, Cogindovery aware of the importance of investment inhuman resources. HR competence is the key that will drive the Company to win in an increasingly competitive era of competition. The Company has a high commitment to the development programs of HR competencies, both technical competence, managerial and behavior at every level and every office or employment.

To achieve this goal the Company manage its human resources by organizing various programs to motivate every employee to continue to work better. Human resource development strategy at the moment is the development of human resources based on competency, which mainly include: organization and HR system, competency based recruitment, regeneration and sustainable HR development to increase competency, productivity increasing through the remuneration system based on competency, implementation of reward and punishment as well as cost human resources control and corporate culture which implanted through a series of programs Vision, Mission and Values Cogindo Company internalization.